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Client: Linker Equipment Corporation (1998)
• Sample Description: Logo, Animation and Copy for the Original Web Site Splash Screen

We keep it bottled up inside.
But then...
We're supposed to.

This company is a manufacturer and designer of bottling equipment and production lines, with a client roster that spans the globe. We created a new logo and overall corporate identity program that updated the design and functionality of the company's then printed documentation procedures, and marketing materials. We also assisted in incorporating this new work, and bringing the company into a fully-functional, more efficient world of digital marketing. Sampled above is the new logo we created, presented in an animated fashion for the company's first web site that was being developed in 1998. The goal of the web site was to faciliate the exchange of information, drawings, photographs with clientele around the world. Site features also included an easy to use, interactive Request for Quote (RFQ) system and forms. NOTE: Their currrent web site is no longer affiliated with 2bMedia

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