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Focus, Interests, Purpose, Mission:

It is our goal, and hope, that we will:

collaborate with creative and business clientele
- artist, thinker, author, dreamer
- small business, commercial, corporate weaver
guiding and assisting our customers in the creation and dissemination of a vision, message, or product

find projects that challenge us, and challenge our clients ... creatively, intellectually, technically

combine traditional media with new digital, multi-media technologies ... when possible and appropriate

be able to focus on quality rather than quantity ... only a few projects each year

be part of a project team where there exists open communication, flexibility, trust, respect, and good humor between everyone involved

provide our clients with great service and product ... to assure dedicated, proprietary services to each project and client during development

2bMedia is also intimately involved in the creation of content for the web, publications, software programs, utilities and games

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